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    Find and Replace settings (Word 97)

    Can anyone tell me where the content of Selection.Find.Text is stored between uses of Find and Replace in Word? I want to retrieve and use the content in a dialog box, but with no active document (a documents count of 0).
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    Re: Find and Replace settings (Word 97)

    I can't see any way to do it, except to temporarily create a hidden document:

    <pre>Function GetLastFind() As String
    Dim docTemp As Document
    Set docTemp = Documents.Add(Visible:=False)
    With docTemp
    .Activate 'avoids error on next line
    GetLastFind = Selection.Find.Text
    .Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
    End With
    Set docTemp = Nothing
    End Function

    Sub TestLastFind()
    MsgBox GetLastFind
    End Sub</pre>

    Note: I could not retrieve the user's find text with the Range object.

    If you want to return a richer set of properties, you could put together a little data structure of your own, or insert your logic into the Function to return a tailored message string. However, you cannot pass the object back to the calling procedure because it becomes invalid once the hidden document is closed.

    Note: tested in Word 2000.

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