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    Turning off Microsoft's defaults (Office 2000, 2002)

    Is there any way to set Office (and Outlook Express) (and Outlook, probably) (heck, Windows in general) so that What You Type Is What You Get? Sometimes when I type a URL, I want it to simply be an example of a URL, without an active hyperlink. Sometimes I type an e-mail address with the same intent. Sometimes I mean it when I start a word with 2 capital letters -- I don't want Microsoft to help me by lower-casing the 2nd letter. I have found settings to eliminate a few such helping hands, but I would really like one Registry bit or giant button somewhere (call it the "Royal Upright" button, perhaps) that would let me be my own judge of what I'm doing.

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    Re: Turning off Microsoft's defaults (Office 2000, 2002)

    Tools | AutoCorrect Options | "AutoCorrect" and "AutoFormat As You Type" tabs | uncheck all unwanted options - this is the only way.

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