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    Point to Point Text calls

    I am hoping someone can help me with a problem I am having. I would like to be able to make Point to Point Text Calls using my computer.

    What this means is I would like to be able to open HyperAccess by Hilgraeve and click on a preconfigured folder icon and have the program dial and connect to a remote computer for text only conversations, I have HyperAccess by Hilgraeve installed and configured and use it to connect to my ISP with no problem, (except the occasional disconnect). I would like to be able to use this machine to make Point to Point Text calls as a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) without slowing down the connection to the traditional 45.5 baud rate speed of a TDD.

    The settings I have now are :

    Connect Via HSP 56 MicroModem
    Under Communications Properties:
    Com port 2
    Speaker on
    Maximum speed 38400
    Connect at this speed only is unchecked
    Data Bits 8
    Parity None
    Stop Bits 1
    Wait for Dial Tone Before Connection is checked
    Cancel the call if not connected withinin __seconds is unchecked
    Disconnect the call if idle more than 30 minutes is unchecked
    Use FIFO Buffers (Requires16550 compatable UART) is checked
    Receive Buffer High (14)
    Transmit Buffer High (16)
    Use Error Control is checked
    Required to connect is unchecked
    Compress data is checked
    Use flow control is checked
    Hardware RTS/CTS is checked
    Software (XONXOFF) is unchecked
    Modulation Type is Standard
    Extra Settings is blank

    View Log contains:

    - HSP56 MicroModem in use.
    - Modem type: HSP56 MicroModem
    - Modem inf path: MDMCHIPV.INF
    - Modem inf section: Modem4
    - 38400,N,8,1
    - 38400,N,8,1
    - Initializing modem.
    - Send: AT<cr>
    - Recv: AT<cr>
    - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
    - Interpreted response: Ok
    - Send: AT&FE0&C1&D2&K3V1W3S0=0<cr>
    - Recv: AT&FE0&C1&D2&K3V1W3S0=0<cr>
    - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
    - Interpreted response: Ok
    - Send: ATS7=60S30=255M1N3

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    Re: Point to Point Text calls

    >Do I need to enter some script into these lines for this to connect to another computer?
    >If so, what script would I use?

    ATA at the receiving computer will answer the call and put the modem into the correct mode.

    >Does anyone know of another communications program that would work better for Text Calls?

    There was a DOS program around years ago that turned a computer with a modem into a TDD. The distribution was BASIC source code. All you really need, though, is a dumb terminal like HyperAccess, and someone on the other end telling the modem to pick up when it says "RING". Adding phone books and macro keys is nice, but they're not can't-live-without functions.

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