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    Wrod Freezes on startup (Wood 2000 sr-1)

    Whenever word starts up, whether by the program, or a document accessing the program, it freezes on the opening screen, Just freezes. The rest of the computer still works. When I hit CTL.Alt-Del. it takes a long time (2 minutes) to come to the End Task option. and will close it down.

    I have virus scanned , uninstalled and reinstalled the entire Office Suite. to no availe.
    Any suggestions, Files that may have been corrupted or that do not completely uninstall might help


    I have

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    Re: Wrod Freezes on startup (Wood 2000 sr-1)

    It's probably a corrupt startup template. To see if that's it, from the Start / Run, type winword.exe /a (which will start it without any startup templates loaded). In Word, go to Tools / Options / File Locations and make a note of where your startup files are kept. It's usually crogram filesmicrosoft officeofficestartup. Close Word.

    Using Windows Explorer go to that folder and rename everything which ends with .dot to .old. Alternately close/open word changing one file at a time back to .dot and you should be able to pinpoint it. Generally, the culprit is (which may exist elsewhere too... check in Tools / Templates & Add-Ins) and


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