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    Can i name the controls after the captions in the (Access 2000)

    When i create a form in a datasheet view, the controls take on the names of the fields in the table.
    For example, if the field in the table is called ProductID, then the name of the control in the form is also ProductId.
    Since my native language is in Macedonian.i want to call the names of the control in my own language.I came accross some difficulties

    in Visual basic with Cyrillic, therefore i cannot name the controls in my own language.
    May i ask, is it possible to use the Caption field in the table? The datasheet view of the form refers only to the field name in the tablle,
    not to the caption name in the table.I cannot find a way to use the captions in the table.
    If you forget what i am trying to do, my question is, can i get the captions in the datasheet form and in the same time presrve the field

    names? For example, i want to have a control called ProductId, but the user sees some caption instead of the field name?
    I am afraid i am not clear enough.Just to tell you what i obtain. If i name the control in the subform for the product not ProductID,
    but Product in my language, then instead of Private Sub ProductID _AfterUpdate() i receive
    : Private Sub ???????_AfterUpdate()

    I will be grateful for any comments

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    Re: Can i name the controls after the captions in the (Access 2000)

    Why are you using datasheet view in the first place? You can set up a continuous form to look pretty much like datasheet view and retain the advantages of both field captions and not be saddled with the limitations of datasheet view. I don't understand your explanation about naming. You don't have any reason to rename the controls *unless* you insist on using a datasheet.

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    Re: Can i name the controls after the captions in the (Access 2000)

    I agree with Charlotte that a continuous form offers more possibilities than a datasheet form.

    But - in Access 97 at least - there *is* a way to change the caption (column title) of a field without changing the name of the control.
    In design view, drag a field from the field list to the detail section of your form. By default, it will come complete with a label*. Change the caption of this label to whatever you would like the column title to be. It will be used at the column title in datasheet view.

    <img src=/w3timages/blueline.gif width=33% height=2>
    * If you don't get a label, select the text box button ab in the Tool box. Don't click on the form, but set the AutoLabel property to True in the Format tab of the Properties window. Now deselect the text box button, and continue as described above.

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