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    Second / Third copy of file.... (XL97)

    Let's say I open a file called filename.xls in Excel. By clicking on "Window" and selecting "New Window" I now have another copy of my file called filename.xls:2. I can do this again and again... each time incrementing the number. My question is... of what value is this? I note that when I change something on any one of the additional files, that even the original is changed. Can someone elaborate on this for me please? TIA

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    Re: Second / Third copy of file.... (XL97)

    Like splitting a window, the most important purpose is to let you view different parts of a worksheet. An important difference is that the active cell can be different in each of the windows, so you can work in one part of the worksheet without losing your position in another part. You can also have, for instance, different zoom percentages in each window, so you could have an overview at say 50% in one window, and a detail view at 100% in another window.

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