I've been using Outlook 2002 for my e-mail since I had this computer, and it's fine. So why do I want to use OE? Becuase Outlook doesn't have any newsgroup functionality.

Anyway, not having used OE since I brought the computer, I ran it - only to run into one of XP's new error dialogues - Outlook Express has had a problem and needs to close. We are sorry...etc. I looked at the files it wanted to send to MS, but they didn't help. So I let it it send them - and lo and behold! A box cam up saying that this was a known problem that was able to be idesntified as I sent the error report. So there is something good aout it after all! Anyway, I eagerly followed the link it provided to a page (which didn't give any information about the problem, just instructions on installing it).

So I downloaded the file and installed it, and rebooted. In anticipation, I started OE, and...

<IMG SRC=http://www.yoursighost.com/members/sim_xp/sig1.JPG>

I clicked OK, and was promptly greeted with another message:

<IMG SRC=http://www.yoursighost.com/members/sim_xp/sig2.JPG>

Note that these too were just normal dialogues, not the new Windows XP proper error messages that I got the first time.

I tried searching on Help and support for the hex number, and there was only on match - in the Knowledge base - that only referred to Microsoft exchange server.

I have 256Mb of memory. I also have plenty of disk space. I have tried everythinng from renaming MSOE.dll to MSOE.dll.old (it replaces it with a SFP one and doesn't make a difference) to reinstalling OE (it still shows the latter two messages whether or not I reapply the patch).

For the moment I could easily live with Outlook and Forte Free Agent, but it would be nice to have it working. Any ideas?