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Thread: SPTS and MSDE

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    SPTS and MSDE

    I am proposing a SharePoint Team Services site for my department. I am already resigned to purchasing a PC with W2K Server (vice a spare PC with W2K Pro), but do not wish to spend money or resources on SQL Server.

    For a site with about 150 users and less than 1000 documents, would MSDE suffice?


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    Re: SPTS and MSDE

    MSDE contains the SQL Server engine, but restricts its use. The limit is not 5 users, although MS doesn't mind if you misinterpret its vague statements that way. Some SQL Server 2000 documentation I found up at MS describes the performance limit this way: "a concurrent workload governor that limits its scalability; performance degrades when more than five Transact-SQL batches are executed concurrently."

    What does this really mean for SharePoint? I have no idea. But with 150 users, you might bump into the performance governor on a regular basis. You probably have to test it for yourself with the mix of uses you are planning.

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