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    Office Assistant - NOT how to get rid of it! (Windows 2000)

    This is a trivial question to be putting before this group, but I confess to liking one Office Assistant - Scribbles, the cat that was in Office 97. My question is how can I get that one to work in Word 2000. Went to the download site and found no information. Tried just adding that file to the Word directory, but the OAs in Word 2000 not only have a different extension, but two files are necesssary. Is what I want possible?

    P.S. Don't like the cat office assistant in Word 2000!

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    Re: Office Assistant - NOT how to get rid of it! (Windows 2000)

    As far as I know, along with Will, Power Pup and Hoverbot, Scribble has been retired with Word '97.
    I once found a site where you could download new office assistants (I had a dolphin) but I'm not sure if it was in 97 or 2000 (I had both running on my machine at the time.) For the life of me I can't find it on the Microsoft site anywhere. Sorry I couldn't help, but hope the information helps in some way.
    have fun

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