We're migrating from GroupWise 5.5 to Exchange 2000. I've got the new Exchange server up and running, but we've got a problem trying to migrate accounts. When we run the Migration Wizard, it doesn't find any servers to migrate to. We've got connectivity to the Exchange 2000 Server, we can log into the domain, we can log into Exchange accounts, we can browse the file system - but Migration Wizard doesn't find the server, so we can't do the one-step migration.

The workstations we're running on are Windows 2000 Professional, the adminpak, Novell client for Windows 2000, Exchange System Manager, plus GroupWise 5.5 client including Windows Messaging.

Is there a way to point the migration wizard at a particular server, or otherwise specify a server to migrate to? The drop down lists for server and information store always come up blank. It DOES work properly when we run it on the Exchange server itself, but we really don't want to install the GroupWise client on the server itself.