Instead of designing a userform, I 've decided to use the form from the Data menu to add records to my lookup list. This serves my purposes entirely, but I would like to add some functionality when the data form closes.

What I want to do is to include the added records in the named range and to give a little hint to the user to re-sort the range (using the Sort button on the sheet) if the previously recorded LastRow is not equal to the current LastRow.

I have tested the code in both the Worksheet_Calculate() and Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) events. Neither of these events trigger after the form closes (unless I press F9) even with Autocalc on . They do trigger while other things happen during the creation of the reports on other sheets which causes problems. Therefore, it would be ideal to only run the code during the data form Close event. However, while the data form is open, it is not shown as an object in the project explorer, so I don't know how to look at the events associated with it.

Anybody know how else I may accomplish what I want to do?