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    PLS HLP Entire Network showing Description (name) (XP)

    Please help this is driving me batty. Just got our first XP Pro computer on our NT 4 domain network and when you go into the domain it lists all computers with descriptions as "evo n600c (computername)". I have searched Google, MS, here, and the web and no one has an answer. I'm hoping this is just something incredibly stupid that I've missed. Please help as this is driving me UP THE WALL.


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    Re: PLS HLP Entire Network showing Description (name) (XP)

    You are right, this feature is a little bit messy and bad explained.
    When you open "My Network Places" (can you propose more stupid name?) you can see "the resources available on the network" (not all of them) you want it or not. Names are like "c on evo n600c (computername)". This names are messy because along with useful information (like c - the name of the share) you can see "comment" - logon name OR computer description (like "evo n600c") - I presume, logon name is on WinNT/2000/XP machines, and computer description on Win95/98 machines) and computer name. Sometimes it's also driving me crazy, but I have no idea how to get rid of it (back to WinNT/2000 view).

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