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    Project and Code Disappears (VBA/Word/2000)

    Here's a problem that has me stumped, and I thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas. We use word macros written in Word 97 using VBA to do reporting for a Lotus Notes product we sell. Basically, what happens is the word document is embedded into a rich-text field in Lotus Notes, and the users launch that word doc and see a toolbar in the word doc that contains the macros to run. We have a certain customer who's having some problems with this. They have Windows NT 4.0Workstation with service pack 6a, and are running MS Word 2000(not sure if they have a service pack applied or not). They've tested 4 of their machines, 2 of the machines worked as expected, the other 2 didn't work at all. These machines are supposedly all the same configuration. When we looked at their machines that didn't work, we noticed the toolbar was visible with the macro options, the macros appeared in the macro name listbox, but the project and code was missing from the VBA module when we tried to view the project code through the VB editor. Is there some kind of setting in Office or WinNT that will strip out the project and code when the word document is launched? We had set the macro security to low, disabled any virus scanner running, tried all that kind of stuff, but to no avail. On the two computers that work, they work whether the virus protection is running or not, and will prompt for macro security and function fine if you allow the macros to be enabled. So I have no idea why the code would be missing from behind the document in the other two machines. If anyone has any ideas or has seen anything similar, I would appreciate some advice. Thanks!

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    Re: Project and Code Disappears (VBA/Word/2000)

    I had a weird experience this week where I edited a template in Word 2000 and it would not run in XP. When I edited the vendor's XP version of the template, removing all the modules and importing the .bas and .frm files I exported from Word 2000, it worked like a champ. That doesn't make any sense at all, does it?

    I can only suggest that you export the code modules and import them into a Word 2000 document, and see if that does it. There might be subtle undocumented differences that only manifest themselves under certain bizarre circumstances. At least...that's my theory du jour.

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