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    code with cyrillic fails

    Help with the cyrillic options. I use the databased Access 2000

    I use the Cyrillic alphabete and at the end of my invoice, when i use the function called NumWord to convert the numbers into words, i receive with my computer unreadable texts. I think i must change something into the Regional settings, but i do not know how. The Regional settings are set to Cyrillic anyway. In all the other cases i use the font ArialCyr and ir works,
    but only with this function it doesnt work, although the font of my control is with Arial Cyr.
    Also, when i types the code in the Modules section, i casn type in cyrillic, but if i want to copy the text and paste again, i receive
    unreadable text. Here is the text i receiv when copied:

    Static Function NumWord(ByVal AmountPassed As Currency) As String
    '** Convert a number to words for filling in the Amount of a check
    '** Example: NumWord(120.45) returns ONE HUNDRED TWENTY AND 45/100
    '** Can handle numbers from 0 to $999,999.99. Created by Alan Simpson

    '** The array below, and other variables, are dimensioned
    '** in the Declarations section.
    If Not EngNum(1) = "

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    Re: code with cyrillic fails

    Cross-posted in VB/VBA - answers there please.

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