We're helping a number of people through a conversion process from Lotus CCmail to Outlook Express as their Email client. The export process from CCMail creates a folder (on the hard drive) for each folder they had, and each message is saved in the appropriate folder as an EML file.

We have a VBA macro that creates a folder in Outlook express for each named folder it finds in the exported data, but we don't know how to automate the process of importing the EML files into the appropriate folder. You have to select them, then drag them into the folder you want, and they import OK, but it gets tedious dragging and dropping thousands of messages from 20 or 30 folders. We cannot make a macro do a Select All and then paste into the appropriate folder, because the Paste command doesn't work - you have to drag and drop.

Is anyone aware of a batch utility or method for importing a number of EML files into Outlook Express? Is there a counterpart to DBXtract for going from EML files to a DBX file?