I followed an earlier thread on this, noting the problems and causes, etc. Then I found MS Knowledge Base articles Q196492, and Q238782, having to do with Export/Import of pst files. Then a friend had a similar problem after I sent her those articles, but, in her case, she did not have "...permission..." to open the file. It turns out that she had saved her archive to a CD. Using "Permission Denied" as a search term, I found article Q258468, which said in part: "...when you burn a file to a CD-ROM, the file is created with a read-only file attribute. To resolve..., copy the pst file from the CD-ROM and save it to a hard drive...in which you can change the file properties." Good info if you need to transfer a large archive to another machine. My contacts fit on a floppy, so I have yet to have a "permission" problem.
Just wanted to share.