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    Bloomberg DDE (2000)

    im working with a spreadsheet that is using Bloomberg DDE to get data, im not to hot on this but can do the formulas in the spreadsheet ok

    but ! i want to be able to do it in code,
    for example

    I have a ISIN Number and i want to use the FIRSecId function

    on the spreadsheet it is simply =FIRSecId(adn the ISIN Number) but i want to do that in VBA

    if i wanted to use a worksheet funciton in VBA i woud use

    Application.worksheetfunction.large(blah blah)

    can i do the same here something like

    application.addin(Bloomberg DDE).function.FIRSecId(ISIN no)

    if so how do i do it >?


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    Re: Bloomberg DDE (2000)

    you can do it in two ways:

    e.g. there is a function 'prop95ci' with two integer arguments, defined in the add-in with the name statstartup.xla, then you can use
    Debug.Print Application.Run("statstartup.xla!prop95ci", 35, 50)
    or after setting a reference in the VBE to the statstartup add-in (via Tools >> References and checking the statstartup add-in), then you can simply use
    Debug.Print prop95ci(35, 50)

    End Sub

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