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    Hi All <br><br>can someone hel (English/Word/Office 97 SR2)

    Hi All

    can someone help please. I am using Word 97 SR2 and
    trying to write a peice of code that will allow me to go
    to a bookmanrk in the header of a document and insert a
    hard return.

    I have tried everything the basic thing I need is shown
    below but as you will see from looking at this it wont
    work. Any assistance in this would be gratly appreciated.

    With ActiveDocument
    .Bookmarks("tmb").Range.Text = Theresa And Then
    End With

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Hi All <br><br>can someone hel (English/Word/Office 97 SR2)


    ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("tmb").Range.Text = "Theresa" & vbCr

    In the first place, text you add must be in quotes.
    In the second place, doing something with the range of a bookmark doesn't select it, so your line Selection.TypeParagraph would insert a paragraph mark wherever you were in the document when you invoked the macro, not after the bookmark.

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