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Thread: Colour Palette

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    Colour Palette

    I am using Office 2000 Professional SR1a from a Select agreement. There is a requirement to create custom colours for use with all documents, presentations and workbooks. Is there an easy way in which specific colours can be added to the default palette in Office 2000 ? Can someone please tell me where I can locate some on-line help? All help much appreciated.


    Looking at it it seems that each product has a different way of doing it, all of which are rather fiddly.

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    Re: Colour Palette


    This bit probably doesn't help you much. Windows colours can be changed Using the control panel- Display, Appearance, then clicking on the bit you want to display and selecting a colour.

    The Excel colours can be changed from Tools, Options, Color- select a color, then modify. This applies to a workbook. If you change a color already in use, it is changed throughout the workbook. Colours are define within a workbook by a reference to "colorindex"- the position of the color within the palette. That's why if you change the color at postion #6 from red to blue, it changes all references which have used that same red to blue.

    I don't know anything about colours in Word.

    I suspect this is not of much use to you- but if you can explain a little more of where you want to go , perhaps there's more can be done- for instance, using an add-in in Excel to define colours to a standard template, or whatever.
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