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    Duplicating Records on a Form (Access 97)

    I have a form that I use to maintain customers at retail stores. When I have to create a new customer at that same store, I would like to copy all information but their name. I have tried using the Duplicate Record command button. But, I have Yes/No fields that aren't importing. I get a message that "some of the fields names for the data you tried to paste don't match field names on the form". If I paste the info into Excel I see that it is trying to import the word FALSE.

    Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any easy way to do this?

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    Re: Duplicating Records on a Form (Access 97)

    You wrote "Duplicate Record command button", so I assume this is a command button on your form (there is no Duplicate Record toolbar button in Access 97 AFAIK). Can you post the OnClick routine of this command button?

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