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    CreateTable -VBA (Office XP)

    I am trying to create a recordset of data that is picked up from an xml page eg. a load of addresses. The end result is that if there is more than one address - show the addresses as choices in a drop down box. That when chosen will populate all the other address fields.
    I have got as far as being able to store each field of the address (place the last record of the set brought back into the fields on the form) in a variable that then must be written to a 'table' or 'recordset' on the fly before the code loops to the next address. What would be the most efficient way of temporarily holding this data. This request for addresses will be made in a 100 user enviroment so I do not want Access to put on weight!!! As is it's wont.
    Any direction would be helpful

    Thank you

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    Re: CreateTable -VBA (Office XP)

    How are you creating the recordset? If it is already properly structured in XML, you should be able to open the recordset directly and use it as it is. You don't even *need* a table for the data. It sounds like you're reading the XML file in as text instead, one record at a time. Or are you using the stream object?

    Why don't you post the code that gets the XML data so we can get a better idea of what you're doing.

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