I see Microsoft is aiming at its holy grail (substitute other similar cultural icon of your choice here, least you feel offended in any way) of total political correctness.

The latest update to the XP dictionary prevents towns ending in -bad being suggested as "X bad" by the spelling checker. Apparently, this could offend some people - step forward the citizens of Jehovahbad, Muhammadabad and other equally fictitious towns like Bushbad or Microsoftabad (aka Seattle). Actually, the only place I could think of was Islamabad, and it's already in the spelling checker.

It was never going to be possible to include everywhere in the spell checker, and if we can't accept as grown people that no offence is intended and we should just add a place to our custom dictionary, then we are in a sorry state indeed (Oklahoma, by all accounts [I jest]).

I had a work colleague of Indian extraction who went by the name of Anup. I wouldn't know, but it may well be a common name in India. Yet the spell checker insisted that "Anus" was a better alternative. Something tells me he might be offended, but I don't see Microsoft rushing out to correct it. No, I just added his name to my custom dictionary.

End of rant. Let's just have the security and track changes problems fixed, and leave the PC stuff to those people with nothing better to do.