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    word deleting page numbers

    I am a new user of this forum and a beginner user of word. I have a document template on which inserted page numbers at the bottom. However later I realized that I need to have page # of total number of pages which I inserted in the footer, but now I have both and I am trying delete only the single page number. How do I delete page number? Please advise. Thanks

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    Re: word deleting page numbers

    If you are using Insert/Page Number then the page number is inserted into the Header/Footer in a frame.

    If this is the case, then to delete the page number:
    - Go to View/Header and Footer
    - Switch to the Footer
    - Hover your mouse over the page number until you see a Move/Multi-directional mouse pointer
    - Click to select the frame at that time
    - You should see the frame selected with black sizing/selection handles
    - You can now delete it

    As an additional note, general consensus is that it is best to use the Header/Footer toolbar for page numbers rather than the Insert/Page Numbers command.

    One of the primary reasons is that although the frame should automatically expand for larger page numbers it usually doesn't and you end up with truncated page numbers.

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    Re: word deleting page numbers

    It may be easier to position the cursor next to the page number & then hold the shift key down while you arrow toward the page number. This will select it & you can then delete it.

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    Re: word deleting page numbers

    If the page number is in a frame and you use the <Shift arrow> method, if you aren't careful the frame will be left behind...

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    Re: word deleting page numbers

    Thanks very much. Appreciate the info very much. Hope to be able to reciprocate again some time.

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