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Thread: Zoom Setting

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    Zoom Setting

    I like to have my Zoom factor set to "Page Width." However, Word seems to think that it should be set to 100%. I have tried opening Normal.Dot, changing the zoom to "Page Width" and saving it, and that seems to work for a short time but then it will switch back to 100%. Is there any way to get this setting to stay where I put it?
    Legare Coleman

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    Re: Zoom Setting

    Hi Legare,

    When you open and make the change in the Zoom, you need to make a minor change, such as adding a space and then backspacing to remove it, so will be treated as "dirty". Just changing the Zoom may not be enough to trigger a true Save.

    If you are doing this then note that the Zoom setting will only apply to new documents. All others will open in the same View/Zoom that they were saved with.

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