Re my post 'Determine whether anything is selected (Word 2000, Windows 98)' and replies (all apparently lost in recent database corruption episode):

Thanks Stuart, Jefferson and Gary (whose suggestion I used) for your replies to my post asking how can I determine whether anything is selected. The whole thread appears to have been lost with the database corruption episode so I am posting this response to say thanks and to record the outcome of my enquiry.

I get it - identify whether the selection is an insertion point:

If Selection.Type = wdSelectionIP Then

MsgBox "There is no text selected."

End If

It's there in the Selection Object topic of Word VBA Help; I had probably even read it, but it's significance escaped me. I wish I could find these things for myself but I just haven't got the knack yet of digging information out of Word VBA Help. I guess it comes with experience. I always search help before I post but often without finding what I am after - hence my posts!

I notice that in the Type Property topic, one of the WdSelectionType constants is wdNoSelection; I thought that may also be a possibility but it failed a quick test, so I guess it is for some other purpose.

Once again, many thanks to all of you