We've got Outlook 98 throughout our company. I've created a public folder that holds the names of all of our employees. The folder has a user-defined field that stores their birth month and birth day, but not the birth year (for obvious reasons). So if someone was born on September 12th, I want the user to be able to type simply "9-12", and have the user-defined field display 9-12. I also want the users to be able to sort and/or filter this folder (to show all the employees born in April, for example). If I create the custom field as a text-type field, then the dates DISPLAY properly (September 12 displays as "9-12"), but I lose the sort/filter capabilities. For example, the birthdays for three different employees are entered as "10-17", "11-09", "12-29" and "9-5", respectively. When I sort the Birthdate column in Ascending order, the October date is first, followed by November, December, and then September!

On the other hand, if I create the custom field as a Date/Time type, then when a user types in 5-7 (May 7th), Outlook tacks on the current year to the end. So, last December, someone entered an employee's birthday as 5-12 (May 12th). Yesterday, another employee's birthday was entered (May 2nd). When I sort the folder by the custom field in ascending order, the May 12th birthday is listed before the May 2nd birthday, because the May 2nd birthday has a higher serial number. See the problem? I want it to be EASY for an employee's birthdate to be entered in. Anyway, does this make any sense? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance...!