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Thread: Out of Space

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    Out of Space

    I have an 8 Gig hd divided into 4, 2 gig drives. Its easy to make room on drives d-f but each time I add something to the hd, the new programs add files to the Windows directory. I reached a point now where my drive "C" is full and almost all (except for the Program file folder) is in Windows.
    I used Norton Clean Sweep, transferred my swap file to the "E" drive, reduced the History file on Windows Explorer to Today only, Uninstalled all programs that I no longer use, emptied my Recycle Bin, and moved my data files to another drive. I'm now full.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?


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    Re: Out of Space

    In a single word, all together now: PartitionMagic. You're going to hear that over and over.

    You can also, using one of the many tweaking programs out there, set the default Program Files directory. I've had it do funny things, because some applications don't remember that they were on the C: drive when you alter it - such as Outlook Express - but that's usually a simple matter of changing where the shortcut is pointing.

    You can also change the location of Temporary Internet Files to a different drive, along with the History and some other folders. Worth a look see if you have the drive partitioned the way you do. Coincidentally, I do the same thing - and by changing the default program locations after a fresh install I rarely run into problems.

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