Inactive users get removed from this system periodically. Simply re-register as a new user if the lounge doesn't recognise your username and password after a prolonged absence.

Some users can't login due to a corrupted cookie on their computer. In that case do the following:

<UL><LI>Disable cookies.
<UL><LI>Logon via
<LI>Use correct username and a [/i]WRONG[/i] password.[/list]<LI>Re-enable cookies.
<UL><LI>Use correct username and a CORRECT password.[/list][/list]Settings for email notification and board subscriptions change.

This is caused by your ISP bouncing your email due to failure, full inbox or incorrect email address and the like. Make sure your email is correct before re-instating those settings via the control panels.

Anything else, take a look here.

Cheers, Claude.
Lounge Admin