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    Word Protected form w Macros (Word 2000 VBA Question)

    I have created macros in a word template that i need to copy to other computers. when i get it to other computers, and copy the template to their desktop for them to click on and fill in the form (with macros)...there are no macros in it. what am i doing wrong. I clicked on Add-ins and made sure I added this template to the global, so it would be available in all docs, but that only works on my computer, as soon as I transfer this word form (with protection) to anothers computer, the macros contained in it disapear and thats no good. must carry macros with it. I lowered the macro protection in security to Low, and that doesn't solve it. They just don't go with the template when taken to another computer. What am I doing wrong. did i make the macro wrong to begin with? am i supposed to put a global line in the code or something to make it transfer with the template?
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    Re: Word Protected form w Macros (Word 2000 VBA Question)

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