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    Date format (office xp)

    Access date set by Regional settings (d/m/yy or dd/mmm/yy - Australian) however when merging in Word always prints as m/d/yy (american). How do I overcome. Sheena

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    Re: Date format (office xp)

    You can solve this in Access or in Word.

    In Access:

    If your data source is a table, create a query based on that table and use that as data source instead.
    So now I'll assume that your data source is a query.
    Convert the date to a string in the desired format by putting a column in the query defined like
    <pre>MyDate: Format([InvoiceDate],"d/m/yy")</pre>

    (replace field names by the appropriate names and modify the format string as desired)

    In Word:

    In your merge document, turn on field codes (Alt+F9). Your merge fields should look like
    <pre>{ MergeField InvoiceDate }</pre>

    You can add formatting:
    <pre>{ MergeField InvoiceDate @ "d/M/yy" }</pre>

    The @ switch is for date and time formatting.
    Don't forget to turn of field codes (Alt+F9 again) and to update the merge field (click in it or select it and hit F9).
    This method may cause problems if the date field contains nulls (empty values).

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