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    Styles (Office Premium 2000)

    I created several styles for a user and saved them in her normal template. When she opens a document that someone else created, the styles of that document override her normal template. Is this usual? If so, is there a way for the normal template to control the styles for a document?

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    Re: Styles (Office Premium 2000)

    The styles in a document are determined at birth and should not change when they pass from machine to machine. Your user can copy her styles into a document manually using the Organizer (Format|Style...|Organizer... button). This process also could be saved as a macro if she is going to do it frequently and would like a "one button" approach.

    Once the style definitions are made consistent, she still will have to deal with the issue of manually applied formatting. For example, the document might appear to be all in Normal styled paragraphs, but the font might have been changed globally. Redefining the style should leave this kind of direct formatting undisturbed. If you want to conform that direct formatting back to the style, it can be done either with a sledgehammer approach or on a case by case basis, and there are other threads on this board that discuss the options in more detail.

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    Re: Styles (Office Premium 2000)

    What you describe is how styles are designed to function. Otherwise anytime you opened a document on a different machine it would be totally different. (compared to somewhat or marginally different?)

    Style definitions are controlled by the definition:
    1) In the document.
    2) In the attached template, for styles not defined in the document. (This may be, but usually should be some other template if you are using Word effectively.)
    3) In for styles not defined in the document or the attached template.

    What would work here would be for your user to create a new document and then copy the text of the old document into the new one. For styles with the same name, style definitions in the target document override those from the source document.

    An alternative would be to update the styles from the template. To do this, use Tools => Templates and Add-Ins... and check the box to update the styles. Once the styles have been updated, it is important to go back and uncheck this box as it is a document setting. Leaving this box checked will cause untold grief in the future!

    For more about styles you may want to look at Understanding Styles in Microsoft Word (

    The best way to distribute a style set is not to put them in a user's, but rather to give the user a template with that style set and have the user create new documents from that template when your styles are needed. Using a medical analogy, changing a user's is a highly intrusive method and often has undesireable side-effects. It's the equivalent of using major surgery under anesthetic instead of giving someone a pill. Sometimes the surgery is the only solution but it shouldn't be the first choice examined.

    Styles from such a template can also be imposed on an existing document using the Organizer (a button on the Templates and Add-Ins dialog will bring this feature up) or by attaching the new template and updating. If you use the Organizer, select the styles to be copied and click on the copy button. If it asks about overwriting existing styles answer yes. Then click on the copy button two more times to transfer links among styles.
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