Is there a way to in VBA Excel 97 to intercept/copy the return of a *regular* (i.e. Excel) dialog ?

Specifically: Worksheet is protected, with a password, by another person. Some of my macros of my add-in (xla) will only work on an unprotected worksheet. Using the 'Unprotect' method will cause Excel to pop up a dialog prompting the *user* for a password and, case input was correct, it will unprotect the worksheet. I want to be able to _directly_ copy/store the users's return value in order to re-apply it as password at the end of my macro.

One work-around would be to probe first, bypass the regular password prompt dialog, then use a custom password dialog. For those Loungers which also frequent, see . It works, but, if possible, I want a neater and compacter way.