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    If Is Null (Access 2000)

    I have a control called Kind on a form.The control kind is a combo box.I want to prevenet saving the record in case the user has not chosen from the combo box. I tried the foollowing
    If Me![Kindid] = "" then
    cancel = true
    however acess does not accept the cancel event.Also i dont want to save the record.Is it possile to give the coomand save.No , give the message" please select from Kind andf then close the form?

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    Re: If Is Null (Access 2000)

    Why not make the field required at the table level? The only problem is that you don't get an error in that situation until the user tries to save the record. You could put a validation rule on the control as another strategy - that would warn them if they simply tabbed through the record. Actually you may want both.

    It is also possible to do it in code on the Before Update event of the form, but your code won't catch it because you are checking for an empty string, not null. If you want to check for null, you need to write:

    If IsNull(Me![Kindid]) then Cancel=True

    That's air code BTW, so it may need minor tweaking. You may also want to check for both Null and Empty String depending on your data type.

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