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    Office XP Updates (Win XP Pro/Office XP)

    Not sure if this is a dumb question, but. Can anyone tell me absolutey which Office XP updates NOT to install.

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    Re: Office XP Updates (Win XP Pro/Office XP)

    Though Microsoft have a questionable history when it comes to patches, the ones for XP so far have been better implemented than for previous versions of Office. I would recommend that you install SP-1 which incorporates most of the patches released so far.

    Since SP-1 there have been 2 updates, both released on April 25, 1 for Word and another for the spell checker.
    Most people who have installed the Word update have not reported any problems (most problems appear to be with installing the version for office 2000)
    I have not heard of any problems with the spell checker update.

    Though some people will disagree I think there are no updates released so far that should definately not be installed.
    See Office Watch 7.2 for details re the Word update

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