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    Horizontal scolling bug (6.0 and earlier)

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    My Web page reveals an apparent bug in Internet Explorer. The page uses links from a small index graphic to another which is too large to fit on the computer screen, slicing the larger graphic so each section can have a different bookmark to which to go (and so the slices, which are transparent GIFs, can have different background colors as a navigation aid). Then the larger image has links back to the smaller one so the user can get back to it. Vertical scolling and scrolling to the right to a bookmark work OK in IE but scrolling back to the left to a bookmark does not. The smaller image is left partway off the left side of the screen. What's to do about this? All the scrolling works perfectly in Netscape Navigator 4.72.

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    Re: Horizontal scolling bug (6.0 and earlier)

    I noticed that links back to the lower half of the small map - bookmarked 'smallmap2' - seem to work OK.
    Links back to the top half - bookmarked 'smallmap1' - do not.
    So, I downloaded the main page and had a quick look using FrontPage and according to it you have TWO bookmarks named 'smallmap1'
    Could that have something to do with it?<blockquote><hr>

    <FONT size=4>Click in the <font color=red><A name=smallmap1>small keymap below</A></font color=red> or on links in the text of the <A
    href="">Guide to the
    Map</A> to view the corresponding part of the full-scale map. Your
    browser may take you only to the target row; then scroll to the
    right using the keyboard or mouse. <A
    href="">Click here for more
    complete instructions</A>, especially if the background of the maps
    does not have pink, yellow, green and blue panels or if the map
    displays very slowly when scrolling. <A
    href="">An alternate version of
    this page with maps that have plain white backgrounds</A> is
    available if you prefer.

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