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    Mail Merge (Word 2K)

    We are currently doing our Mail merges in Office Vision on our iSeries. Unfortunately, IBM has dropped OV/400 from the OS and we will have to move to something else. We are considering Word. The Office Vision mail merge does some things that I haven't found in Word as yet. I hope someone can help.

    We do something called a 'column list merge' using a dependent value query. It would be similar to producing an invoice for a customer where the customer demographic info is in one file and the order detail is in another. Each time the order number changes, we go out to the customer file and get the demographics and then to the order detail to get the line items and merge them into a document.

    Can this be done in Word?

    Thanks! Mary

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    Re: Mail Merge (Word 2K)

    Well, the short answer is sort of. If you dig into the bowels of Word and it's mail merge capabilities, there is a command which lets you move to the next record, but not actually go to a new page. Combining this with some IF logic in Word fields you can come close to what you want to do. On the other hand, if you put your data into Access, things get lots better. You can do this kind of thing as an Access Report with ease, or if you want the result to be editable, you can drive a Word Mail Merge from Access, or you can use OLE Automation to actually build a document on the fly using a query or queries as your data source. If you don't have pagination issues, any technique will work. If that is an issue however, you may want to look harder at the third option - it involves some VBA, but gives you almost total control over the result. Hope this gives you some ideas to consider. If you want to get into the details of any of these techniques, reply and I'm sure some of the forum members will be glad to try to help.

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