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    Views in Calendar (Outlook XP)

    Calendar Problem
    I changed the Outlook Today to a 1-day view. Closed & reopened Outlook. Selected a 3-day range in Calendar (5/19-5/21), switched to Inbox, switched back to Calendar and got a 5-day view (5/20-5/24). Any other thoughts?

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    Re: Views in Calendar (Outlook XP)

    Doesn't sound right, but...

    Are you viewing your advanced toolbar? When you've got your calendar selected, there should be a dropdown for your view. If you're SURE you used the same calendar both times, this seems strange. I would probably create a defined view and name it with my own name. Go move a round in Outlook a bit, come back and see if it changes.

    If you're at work, it is feasible that they've disallowed changing certain settings, but still highly unlikely.

    If your views are just really messed up, you can clean them up. Just use the command line switch. Start-Run and type:

    outlook.exe /cleanviews

    More command line switches, most valid in most versions, can be found at;EN-US;Q296192

    Hope this helps!

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