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    File dialog Box locks up computer

    I am having a problem with IE. Sometimes when I go and type an address in the address bar all I get is the hourglass and it does nothing. If I make sure to type http:// before the address I will get the site that I wanted. Usually when this happens it also locks up that window of IE. I can open new windows and browse the web as normal but can not touch the window that is locked up. If I do try and close it through task manager I get a message that it can not be closed and that it is being debugged ect close the de######.
    In addition to this the only way to get rid of the locked window is to restart the machine. When I go to restart the machine the machine will not shutdown all the way. sometimes it gets to the blue background and just hangs there or will hang at shutting down or saving settings. All I am left to do then is reset the machine with the power button.
    A similar thing that happens is that when I go to open a new file or do a save as ect to get the dialog box in a program the program will lock up at the dialog box. It only happens if I try and change the directory with the dropdown menu. You get the curent folder highlighted and the menu never drops down and the program will lock up. This has happend with several diffrent applications. Once again the only way to correct the situation is to restart the machine with the power button. What is going on here. I can't seem to find out what is going on. Help
    I posted a question about this in a recent message shown below

    I though I had fixed the problem but it seems to be comming back. Help

    Todd Davis

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    Re: File dialog Box locks up computer

    Cross-posted here in the IE Forum.

    To avoid confusion, all replies there please!

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