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    System Restore for W2K?

    In a recent Woody's Windows Watch column it says

    "If your copy of Windows supports System Restore, you can get to it by clicking Start | Programs (or 'All Programs' in Windows XP) | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore. If you don't have built-in System Restore, you'll have to take a full snapshot of your hard drive, using a utility like Norton Ghost or (my favorite) PowerQuest's Drive Image."

    I am using Windows 2000 Professional, Service Pack 2, and when I follow these directions I do not see System Restore. Is it something I can add to my system? What exactly is it, anyway?
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    Re: System Restore for W2K?

    System Restore is present only in Windows ME and XP. Other versions of Windows do not have this feature. If it's something you can add, I haven't seen any documentation on how to do it - it would certainly be a hack.

    what it does is to create "restore points" on your system's drives, usually (but not always) enabling you to roll back your system to the restore point you select. For instance, if you install new software, or update your drivers, you can force a restore point in case things go awry. System Restore isn't all-inclusive (it backs up critical system files) but it's proven to be pretty effective at undoing some major screw-ups on my part.

    In Windows 2000, you can effect something similar by using the built in Backup feature. Back up your System State and you have virtually the same thing.

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