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    Hyperlinks in document (Word 2K win 2K)

    I have created a suite of Word docs that behave like web pages.
    The docs are accessed form a contents list using hyperlinks. The problem I have is that everytime a link is clicked a new instance of Word is opened, eventually rendering most machines virtually inoperable.

    Can anyone suggest how I can prevent Word opening a new version everytime a doc is opened?

    I don 't have a problem on my Del Inspiron 8000 but nearly all others with lessor machines!

    Please help before the lynch mob catch up.

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    Phil Carter

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    Re: Hyperlinks in document (Word 2K win 2K)

    On my Win98...
    Windows Explorer
    Tools-Folder options
    Choose file types tab
    Choose Word docs, hit Edit
    Choose Open
    Checkmark *browse in same window*

    Otherwise, I *think* it takes java script and not HTML to force a new window/force same window.

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    Re: Hyperlinks in document (Word 2K win 2K)

    Is the contents list also a Word document or is a web page?

    If it's a Word doc, I'm curious whether there might be some unusual switch in your HYPERLINK field that is causing this, because documents seem to open for me in the same instance of Word (new window, of course) under Word 2000 SR-1 under Windows 2000 SP2. Using the Insert|Hyperlink dialog and then pressing Alt-F9, I see this:

    { HYPERLINK "ServerSharePath12345678.DOC" }

    I have Browse in same window turned off, because I don't like Office documents to open in IE, so that doesn't explain the difference.

    If it's a web page, I would have different comments. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

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