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    Programs won't open from Program Menu

    My father's PC crashed last night. He got it fixed so it seems ok, except that every program in the Program Menu seems to have lost it's correct shortcut target... none of the programs open from the Start Menu. All of them say something about the network connection that the target relates to is not working. He used to have the PC networked to Mom's PC, but they disabled that months ago. What can I tell him to do about this? I thought maybe turning on file and printer sharing, but he insists it's not networked anymore so that would be futile. What else? Is there a way re-build the Start Menu and add all the programs and shortcuts automatically. I suggested he reinstall Windows, but he said the only disk he can find is the Win98 Upgrade, not the Win98 2nd Edition. Ahhhhh... Ideas?

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    Re: Programs won't open from Program Menu

    Well, I don't think I'd do that. Here's what I'd do.

    Clean up the PC:


    Have Dad go to C:windowsstart menuprogramsstartup.
    Delete the shortcuts (ones with little arrows on them) if they still don't work.
    Have him right-click the startup folder and hit Create shortcut. Put the shortcut on the desktop.
    Now, STart-find-files or folders *.exe
    Right-click any that you want a shortcut for, put the shortcuts on the desktop. When you have all you want, drag the shortcuts into the Startup folder shortcut.


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