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    Main Index Wierdness

    I have noticed a new wierd behavior on the main index page several times today. I come into the forum, and the index shows new messages in a number of forums. I click on one of them and go to the forum index page and there will be no threads that indicate unread messages. If I click on the top thread in the list, there will be no new messages in the thread. In the most recent case, the last message posted was one that I posted on my previous visit. I then click on the Main Index button, and on returning to the Main Index, the new message numbers have disappeared from all of the forums except the forums which I never visit.
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    Re: Main Index Wierdness

    I'm sorry. that was my fault. I was trying a hack that somebody said fixed the first post in a thread always showing unread even long after you'd read it. It obviously did something rather wierd instead! I've removed it now, so things should be OK again.
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