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    On dropbox choice, different options show up (2000)

    Just kind of a curious question really. first let me set up a senario. Ok say you have 3 different zones, lets just call them zone1, zone2, zone3. Now with in these zones you have say 4 areas that are possible within each zone. Now the question is: Is is possible to select zone1 and have those options come up, say in a subform or even just on the normal form, but not have the options from zone2 or zone3 even showing?

    Drop down box with zone1, zone2, zone3 as choices

    I pick zone 1

    A list box or buttons with the choices show up. You chose one or multiple of the choices.

    Next it writes all information given that you chose into your table.

    don't know if it can be done like that but I would like to see everyone's idea's on it.

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    Re: On dropbox choice, different options show up (2000)

    Yes it is possible to do with drop-down combos or with list boxes. You choose the Zone first, and on exit from that you set the property for the RowSource of the list or combo box to be restricted to only those areas that are allowed for that Zone. I would create a table with the combinations, and use that as the rowsource with a criteria of the chosen zone. If you need added details, please reply - others may have different methods as well.

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