Hi all.
Once again, I need help - a lot of help!
I still am unable to make Outlook work right, vis a vis attachments. Whenever I try to open an email with an attachment - no matter what kind of file is attached, as I even test by sending myself stuff - Outlook XP locks up. I then have to End Task, restart, go into Outlook's safe Mode, and back out to normal mode.
And the cycle begins again!
Nothing I have tried to do will resolve this.
And it gets better.
I have a number of Groups set up. Friends, Family, Group (redundancy enabled <img src=/S/blush.gif border=0 alt=blush width=15 height=15>) and Inside. If I receive an email - say a joke - and try to forward to one or more of my groups, as I type in the address, starting with THE, Outlook offers me the rest of the names, for my choice. I choose the one I want, and when I click Send, I get an error: An unexpected error has occurred! (Well, gee, are there some expected errors?) <img src=/S/bummer.gif border=0 alt=bummer width=15 height=15>
But, if I try to send to one, single person, it will go through.
Can anyone help me with these problems?
My alternative is to go back to Outlook Express, and I'm leaning in that direction now, for this weekend, when I have the time to do this.
None of these problems hit using OE.
Any and all suggestions will be very much appreciated.