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    Saving Mail Merge Previews (Word 2000)

    We want to prepare a large mail merge.

    What we want to do is to "save'" each mail merged preview document as a "separate" unique document rather than one large merged document with section breaks.

    I do not see an easy way to do this.

    Is there an easy way to accomplish this.

    So lets say our data document contained 4000 names and addresses.

    What we want to do is create 4000 separate unique documents with merged text not one large merge document.

    Maybe we have to create the large merged document and then go back into this document and write a macro to create a new document for each page break - not sure

    Any input on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for any and all input

    John Falloon
    B.C. Securities Commission
    Vancouver BC

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    Re: Saving Mail Merge Previews (Word 2000)

    Documents aren't available in *preview* (the <abc> button provides preview) mode. But you can separate the merged documents into separate files:

    Word MVPs Site

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