Here is a request I received where I need an expert to help resolve.


Bob Wahlen

"Last week I changed some things in the settings for the Austrian office.
They have a Windows 2000 Server with two Windows 2000 Workstations. They
wanted to share a common address book in Outlook, and also share emails more
easily. Since I have never worked with a Windows 2000 Server, I have no idea
whether there would have been an easier way to set this up. This is how I
did it: Windows 2000 does not include Windows Messaging anymore, but in the
Microsoft Knowledgebase I found information about how to get it back from
the Win NT CD. Then I set up a postoffice with the three computers in the
office, shared the Contacts of the server and accepted on the other
computers the invitations that the server had sent them.

Everything seemed to work just fine -- until Wolfgang (he is the one that
works on the server) tried to add an entry to his contacts. Actually, all
three should be able to add and modify contacts, they all have permission as
editors to the shared folder. Here in the Europe Area Office I set up three
computers in a similar way (they all run Win98 though -- I don't know
whether that would make a difference) to try out how it works here. I can
without any problems add contacts either through the contacts folder, or by
clicking the address book icon and add an entry there. It is then advertised
also to the two computers that share the folder. Wolfgang however, cannot
add a contact by clicking the address book icon and selecting "File -- New
Entry". It says something like that he cannot modify the address book that
way. He can add a contact by going to the contacts folder and adding it
there. However, then it does not show up in the address book: If he starts a
new message, clicks on the "To" button and selects the address book, the
contact he just added is not there. And it is not that it is filed the wrong
way (first name instead of last name), he just can NOT see it at all. What
could be wrong here?"