We have a rather unique business problem where we have a Novell Network and a Windows 2K server. We are taking the user information from Novell (NDS) and using a migration utility to synchronize the users with Active Directory (ADS). This, obviously, is not what the authors of the migration utility intended, but it is working for us.

The remnant issue from this process is that for new users we assign a generic password and flag the account to change the password on next login. We also need to have it flagged so the password never expires, which ADS wont allow if the change password on next login is checked.

My goal is to write a VB application that will be scheduled to run once a day, that will iterate through the users in ADS, determine which ones do not have the change at next login flag checked and check the password never expires box. I'm not sure how to do this, or if it is even possible (though I think it should be).