For the longest time I've been in the habit of creating a folder called "Spare" within some other folder. It's a handy place to store things that I want disabled, but may want to re-install at a moment's notice.

My Word97 ..StartupSpare is where I drag templates that aren't needed today, and it's been a great tool.

This afternoon I had problems with Word, so I dragged Word97.BAT to the Windows Start menu Startup Folder. Word crashes, I reboot and Win98 fires up Word automatically. Great.

However, the reboot sequence is delayed while the other stuff within Startup comes into play, so I created a Spare folder within the Startup folder and dragged all the startup contents (except Word97) to Spare .

"Bingo!", as they say up here. My utilities are made available to me in a folder on my desktop without actually being loaded. My reboot is fast, and I have very easy access to my temporarily-disabled boot items.