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    Best strategy? For business/private emails (2000 SR1)

    I run a small home office and would like to differentiate between private and business emails sent from Outlook. Currently my default email is private, plain text emails using my ISP account. But if I want to sent business emails I have a pretty HTML email that is set up to send from another SMTP account. It works OK for sending but I am getting sick and tired of copying the HTML template everytime I need to create a new email, or worse, cut and pasting for replies and forwarding. I would really like to just hit a button for Private-new, reply, forward and Business-new, reply, forward emails.
    Before I just stumble my way into VB macro land I would like to ask if any of you have done this, or know that it can be done, or have some hints, or clever strategies I should employ.
    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Best strategy? For business/private emails (2000 SR1)

    No VBA!

    *copying the HTML template*??

    If you saved it as a template, find the template (*.oft) in Windows explorer and place a shortcut to it on your desktop. Anytime you want to send a business email, double-click your template. I'm pretty sure you can also (but am not testing): Save the template in your Drafts, put a shortcut to it on the Outlook bar.

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