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    Auto Refresh (2002)

    I have several columns in a table that use a Combo Box for entry with the values defined from a unique list of previous values entered in that column.

    That works perfectly except that I have to perform a manual refresh before a new value will appear in that list.

    Is there any simple method for performing an automatic refresh after a row is added or updated?

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    Re: Auto Refresh (2002)

    I hope you're not doing data entry in a table...

    In a form, you can write event handlers that refresh the combo boxes when you add a new value. But it will only work for the user who adds the value. If your database has more users, the others won't see the changes until they do a manual refresh or close/reopen the form.

    You can also refresh the combo boxes in the OnCurrent event of the form. That way, the new value appears when a user moves to a different record.

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